About WizKlub

An Innovation platform to teach your kids to Learn and Innovate with Technology

Who we are?

Wizklub offers research-based education programs designed to develop future skills across Com-prehension, Critical Thinking, and Mathematical aptitude in kids from the age group of 6 – 14 years. Our aim is to empower kids to learn and develop comprehensive skills to solve real-world problems using practical approaches.

Our Leadership Team

Our leaders are focused on action rather than position, empowering our teams to deliver the best achievable knowledge to the kids and excel their learnings.

Amit Bansal
Founder, CEO
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Swarup Vijh
Senior Vice President
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Manohar K
Head of Product
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WizKlub Advantage

WizKlub is a Next Gen research-based education company that combines technology with research in cognitive learning to empower K-8 students with skills required to be the Creators of Future.

Structured Curriculum

WizKlub program are designed to meet international curriculum standards. The program is structured using AI based scientific approach to ensure effective learning.

Expert Mentor

WizKlub follows a rigorous teacher selection and training process. All our teachers are Certified Experts with 2+ years of experience in teaching kids.

Personalized Approach

Our programs are completely personalised for each individual student based on a Level Mapping Criterion. Small class size of 6 kids - ensure individual attention in the online classes.

Projects & Challenges

Workouts to ensure kids practice the skills learnt. Regular challenges, competitive quizzes and championships to keep the kid engaged and ensure learning progress.

Our Approach

WizKlub uses a unique method of developing and nurturing Higher Order Thinking Skills in children. The best age for development of HOTS in children is 6 - 14 years.


Assess a student to find the 'Current Operating level' for each skill


Develop 'one-skill-at-a-time' through focused intervention on each skill


Master 'each-skill-at-a-level' and move to the next skill or the next level

Our Reach

WizKlub is on a mission to create a million thinking minds by developing their Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). The WizKlub HOTS program is scientifically designed for holistic cognitive development of kids aged 6-14 years across Reasoning, Comprehension, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.


Parents Report that Kids are Happy and Excited about Wizklub

1.4 million

Cognitive Development Instances Used by Children (6-14 years)


Centers in Bangalore operated by trained & certified partners