YPDP Program

Empower your child to Build and Code Tech
Create with Coding and Robotics - Experience the product designer's journey with YPDP and create smart devices and robots using advanced skills and new technologies.
What YPDP program will offer your Child?
YPDP Offers YPDP Offers YPDP Offers
Beyond AI: Empowering Kids with Human-Only
Develop a creator mindset for future innovators.
Tech Projects using cutting-edge hardware for science & tech competitions.
Confidence to control technology for solving problems and building product solutions.
What gets your child to become a Creator using Tech?
IoT Kit
At Wizklub, we provide an opportunity for students to explore the world of Internet of Things (IoT) with our IoT Kit. Our kit includes fun and exciting IoT modules such as display devices, sensors, custom robots and actuators that can be programmed. With the help of our kit, students will gain an understanding of how IoT works and its potential applications.
Small Class with structured curriculum
Interactive class with certified trainers for an enriching learning experience.
Coding environment
Experience boundless creativity with an intuitive block-based coding platform, empowering users to code and control IoT hardware modules for product development. Explore various modules, such as web design and Python coding, to expand skills and embrace versatile digital opportunities.
Monthly Progress Reports
Progress Reports & Interventions for your child's cognitive skills development.
National Level Technathon & Events
A multi-round competition where students are given problem challenges that need to be solved using technology. Such an event provides exposure to the child to compete against her peer group across the globe.
Learning made fun!
2 live classes per week with hands on session with IoT kit
100+ challenges and projects
New interconnected modules every 2 months
Finished tech products like Smart Light, Weather Station etc.
Choose youR Action Plan!
Young Product Designers Program - 12 month
1 Year Module
₹ 72000/-
₹ 750/- per Session
Endless excitement with 96 classes!
Note: Excluding Wizklub IoT-Robotics hardware base kit and all IoT modules worth ₹ 37,899/-
Young Product Designers Program - 18 month
1 Year Module
₹ 93600/-
₹ 650/- per Session
Endless excitement with 144 classes!
Note: Excluding Wizklub IoT-Robotics hardware base kit and all IoT modules worth ₹ 37,899/-
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