Higher Order Thinking Skills help students analyze, synthesize, evaluate, interpret and solve problems at complex levels. Students engaged in higher-order thinking, process information at deep levels, make critical interpretations, draw relevant and insightful conclusions, and use their knowledge in other situations to solve new problems. Such students are considered to be advanced and fare well on high stakes tests. They are prepared to function as outstanding professionals in a fast-paced workplace where the emphasis is on using information rather than just knowing facts.

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HOTS can be broadly categorized under following areas:


Critical Thinking

Logical & Analytical Reasoning

Problem Solving & Quantitative Aptitude


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Our Approach

Wizklub uses a unique method of developing and nurturing Higher Order Thinking Skills in children. The best age for development of HOTS in children is 6 - 14 years.


ASSESS a student to find the 'current operating level' of the student for each skill


DEVELOP 'one-skill-at-a-time' through focused intervention on each skill


MASTER 'each-skill-at-a-level' and move to the next skill or the next level

Our Reach

Wizklub is on a mission to create a million thinking minds by developing their Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). The WizKlub HOTS program is scientifically designed for holistic cognitive development of kids aged 6-14 years across Reasoning, Comprehension, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.


Parents Report that Kids are Happy and Excited about Wizklub


Cognitive Development Instances Used by Children (6-14 years)


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