HOTS Program

Unlock Your Child's Full Potential with HOTS!
Equip your child with logical thinking, problem-solving, and smart learning skills to foster independence and confidence. These skills are essential for success in Math and Science and for excelling in competitive exams and careers.
HOTS are future skills that empower students become
Hots Smart
HOTS-Skill HOTS-Skill HOTS-Skill
How these skills help your child?
Smart learning skills instead of learning by Rote Memorization.
Logical Thinking for application across subject areas.
Problem-solving skills for Science and Math.
Boost your child's learning efficiency and Self-Confidence.
What makes your child master these skills?
Skill Building Sessions
Expert sessions in a small class that introduce the learner to a skill in a systemic manner.
Personalized Content
Each student gets the workouts based on their current proficiency level.
Research Based Skill Workouts
Multiple workouts designed to master the skill at a level.
Monthly Progress Reports
Progress Reports & Interventions for your child's cognitive skills development.
Expert Counsellor
An interactive environment with our expert mentors, who are motivated to guide your child to provide a smooth learning journey.
Learning made fun!
2 live classes per week
Simulating 10 Workouts per skill
Projects after every module
Pre-and-Post Test to measure Progress
Quizzes & contests
Choose youR Action Plan!
Higher Order Thinking Skills Program - 1 Year
1 Year Module
₹ 43460/-
₹ 418/- per Session
Endless excitement with 104 classes!
Higher Order Thinking Skills Program - 2 Year
2 Year Module
₹ 78230/-
₹ 376/- per Session
Endless excitement with 208 classes!
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