HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills)
Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking For Kids
Strengthen your child's learning efficiency using Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to make them analyze, interpret and solve problems at complex levels.
Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Program

Wizklub Higher Order Thinking Skills development program offers your child to master 36 different HOTS abilities for your kid including critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

What exactly is HOTS?

Simply put, Higher Order Thinking Skills is an advanced form of learning that helps improve critical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving abilities. These are highly developed cognitive skills that transform one’s mind from memory based to application based.
We at WizKlub, bring a unique app-based HOTS program for kids between the ages of 6-14, that lets them master 36 Higher Order Thinking Skills. With engaging activities, drills and quizzes that they can practice and ace at their own pace.

How does HOTS help?

WizKlub's HOTS(High Order Thinking Skills) Program changes your child’s knowledge trajectory, from lower order learning to higher order learning. It provides invaluable skills that helps your child be more efficient, in thought, understanding and action. It makes them intelligent from a place of logic, enhancing their math aptitude, science aptitude and creative thinking, through our easy-to-follow proprietary online courses. Truly, the most productive extra-curricular classes for your kids, and the need of the hour.

Why take HOTS Program?

WizKlub offers an app based cognitive skill-advancement program for children of age 6 to 13 years. From lower order learning to higher order learning your kid can advance his cognitive skills gradually by taking challenges focusing on Reasoning, Comprehension, Critical Thinking and Logical Thinking.

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Daily Drills
10-15 mins of in-app practices everyday for effective skill development.
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HOTS Challenges
Monthly HOTS Challenges covering up to 4 skills learnt during the month, which leads to National Level Contests twice a year.
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Weekly Quiz
Weekly HOTS Quizzes ensuring the progress across skills and boost your child's confidence.
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Monthly Progress Reports
Receive Monthly Progress Reports & Interventions for your child's Cognitive Skills Development.
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Expert Counselor
An interactive environment with our expert mentors, who are motivated to guide your child to provide a smooth learning journey.
HOTS program offered by WizKlub

Wizklub offers 3 different High Order Thinking Skills Program designed to develop 36 cognitive skills. Each module is spread across 16 sessions normally covered over a 2 month period containing two sessions per week.

Comprehension and Critical Thinking
How Smart Learners training will help?
This module focuses on developing core Comprehension and Critical Thinking which helps kids to better aquire knowledge, improve theories and Strengthen arguments. Critical Thinking is one of the key aspects of learning for kids as it helps them to conceptualize, apply, analyze and synthesize information gathered from experiencing, observing, reasoning and communicating.

What you will achieve?
  • Understand crux and the big picture of content.
  • Read between the lines to make inferences.
  • Understand relationships and draw connections between different topics.
Logical and Creative Thinking
How Smart Thinkers training will help?
In this module, the kid will develop core Logical and Thinking skills which will help them to reinforce ideas into their mind that there is always a unique and different way to do almost anything. For a kid there are almost endless opportunities to be creative in day today activities and ask intriguing questions so as to foster there Critical Thinking.

What you will achieve?
  • Identify patterns, Code and Decode information.
  • Build Algorithmic Thinking.
  • Identify relevent information and use information in new ways.
  • Use Creativity tools for better decision making.
Mathematical Aptitude and Problem Solving
How Smart Problem Solvers training will help?
Problem Solving is one of the essential areas of development for kids as it helps them to understand the key reason behind the actual problem and to distinguish whether the problem is solvable or not. Also to understand the challenges and both positive and negative results linked with that problem. Solving problems is equally linked with Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Team Work, Researching and Risk management.

What you will get?
  • Visualize and define the problem correctly in a simplified form.
  • Build mathematical aptitude across Estimation and Patterns.
  • Use various problem solving stratergies to find an optimal solution.
Program Highlights

Fun way to build future skills from comfort of your home.

Choose Duration:

Higher Order Thinking Skills Program - 6 Month

sccess-icon 2 live classes per week
sccess-icon 15 mins daily workout
sccess-icon Monthly Projects
sccess-icon Skill-based practice
sccess-icon Quizzes & Contests
6 Month
No. of Session
Cost per Session
₹ 308/-
₹ 14800/-

Higher Order Thinking Skills Program - 12 Month

sccess-icon 2 live classes per week
sccess-icon 15 mins daily workout
sccess-icon Monthly Projects
sccess-icon Skill-based practice
sccess-icon Quizzes & Contests
12 Month
No. of Session
Cost per Session
₹ 300/-
₹ 28800/-
6 Months Action Plan

Weekday Classes

Weekend Classes

Mixed Classes


2 sessions/week (Mon-Fri)

2 sessions/week (Sat-Sun)

2 sessions/week (Mon-Sun)


48 Sessions 36 Core Cognitive Skills 10 Workouts per Skill

6 Months Journey

Introductory Guide to WizKlub's HOTS Program

The main goal of this video is to provide brief understanding of HOTS program and how it will help you grow your cognitive, analytical and thinking skills.

Watch below video on how your learning experience with us works and much more

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