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We have put together some commonly asked questions here to give you more information about WizKlub Futurz and our products.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Login Related
After your batch allotment, it takes 48hrs to activate your account and provide access. You can also leave a message in the WhatsApp group that is allotted for your batch.
You choose the option of “forgot password” on the portal to reset the password or reach our support team to reset it.
General Queries
You can write to us directly at support@wizklub.com.
There are multiple modules and each module will be personalized to the learning needs of the students. Our engagement manager will be able to help you with pricing.
Program Related
Yes, most of our programs have demo classes. More details about the demo classes will be provided by our engagement team.
Yes, WizKlub provides Certification. At the end of your course.
Yes, you can access the module even after completion of the program.
The parent’s presence in the class is not mandatory.
Mentors/instructors will be in touch with you regularly to discuss your child's progress.
For learning there is an age bar however, the programs are offered to the age group of 6 -14.
Batch Related
Yes, you can complete flexibility on this at wizklub. You can choose between a weekend or a weekday batch as per your child's school curriculum and the classes will be scheduled accordingly.
The batch size will vary from 3-5 kids.
Yes, you can change the batch according to the kid's availability.
Session Related
The standard time is 45 minutes. In exceptional cases, the class can be extended for 10-15 minutes.
Learning and Development
Yes, all the queries will be taken care of by the WizKlub team as a primary contact.
All our products are user-friendly and have a support guided quick learning system. If you are a quick learner it would take an hour or less.
All our programs are unique and the cost of our programs are significantly lower because it combines live classes along with quality sessions. WizKlub offers you the best value for money.
We use the latest technology to build our product. The programs are designed such that children learn by hands-on activities, Unwinding concepts in a gradual manner, gaining knowledge at the same time.
Yes, Kids have an opportunity to collaborate and work on projects.
Our programs help improve cognitive skills of children making them comfortable enough to learn technology. We encourage children to complete projects where they apply STEM. In addition to that, we encourage children to showcase their work in the community portal and guide them on representing their work to everyone else. We don't charge anything extra for this effort.
Yes, any paid customer of WizKlub is allowed to use the product at home.
All our products come with lots of research from industry experts which helps the children to learn cognitive skills through tech products. We do encourage the kids with hand-on experiments rather than theory concepts.
Not required. The product has the potential to work efficiently and does not require any third-party substitute
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