About WizKlub

An Innovation platform to build Human-only skills, skills needed to succeed in school today and in competitive exams and career later. Wizklub offers research-based education programs designed to develop future skills across Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creation using Technology (coding and Robotics) and applied Mathematical & Science for school students.

Our mission is to empower 10 million thinking minds who would solve real-world problems and shape the future.   

Our Approach

WizKlub uses a unique method of developing and nurturing skills in children.

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Assess a student to find the 'Current Operating level' for each skill
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Develop 'one-skill-at-a-time' through focused intervention on each skill
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Master 'each-skill-at-a-level' and move to the next skill or the next level
Our Leadership Team

Our leaders are focused on action rather than position, empowering our teams to deliver the best achievable knowledge to the kids and excel their learnings.

Our Reach
Over 1 million registered students on
WizKlub Platform
96% Parents Report that Kids are Happy
and Excited about Wizklub Program
Over 100 million Cognitive Development
Instances delivered
News and Mentions

WizKlub has been setting milestones in the EdTech world. We were mentioned, recognized and reviewed here!