Science Program

Better marks in Science exams, without mugging up!
Face-to-face, online tuitions for CBSE, with small batch size. No more struggling with science concepts. Just better marks.
Curriculum built by the best
Top Subject Matter Expert
Aligned with CBSE syllabus
Practical application of Science for
better marks
Interactive Exam Prep Lessons
Learn Physics, Chemistry & Biology with interactive games, simulations, & activities for better understanding
Group-learning for inventor mindset
Work with peers at the same learning level to solve problems with scientific inquiry & sharing of knowledge
No empty promises. Just Better Results.
Our tech makes topics understandable & learning exciting so every student studies smarter, learns faster, & achieves more.
Teachers who help you Get. It. Done.
Strict Instructor selection
Only the best tutors make it past our 10-point criteria”
Focus on improvement
100% focus on results through conceptual understanding
Student progress = Teacher progress
Your teachers progress only when YOU excel in and out of class!
Learn with students at the same learning level, speed, & style
Perfect studying speed
No teacher will ever be too fast or too slow
More concept clarity
Focus on depth & improvement when all students have the same needs
Comfort = Confidence
Never feel intimidated by your peers, just healthy competition!
Small groups for rapid progress & improved confidence.
Focussed teacher attention
Understand concepts faster with personal attention from teachers
Learn from your peers
Collaborate & solve real-world problems with students just like you
Higher marks
Score better marks with customised homeworks for targeted improvement
Curriculum designed by pedagogy experts.
Visually rich
Animated study material to help you learn faster & better
Workout based Learning
This program follows 1 teach session and 1 workout session for each topic.
Understand ‘Why’ and ‘How’
Focus on 'Why & How', not just 'When & What' for lifelong learning
WizKids learn 2x faster than students at
other tuitions
Our technology and AI will ensure your child learns better, faster, & forever!
learn-faster learn-faster
Curriculum that builds a strong foundation.
Practice based CBSE curriculums to help you gain in-depth understanding for rapid marks improvement & academic
Choose youR Action Plan!
Class 4-8 Science 1 Year Pack
1 Year Module
₹ 35520/-
₹ 418/- per Session
Endless excitement with 85 classes!
Class 4-8 Science 2 Year Pack
2 Year Module
₹ 63940/-
₹ 376/- per Session
Endless excitement with 170 classes!
*Prices are one-time for 1st purchase of new users. Durations are approximate. Actual duration will vary as per credit usage.
Complete access for ALL plans
Mastery Point Learning
Students are encouraged to work towards attaining weekly mastery goals to drive academic excellence.
Doubt Solving Sessions
Students can book unlimited extra help or doubt-solving sessions with their tutors.
Free On-Demand PTMs
You can book Parent teacher meetings with tutors for progress updates and learning insights, at zero extra cost.
Aptitude-based batching
Students are batched according to their learning levels for enhanced peer-based learning.
Get customised
Tailored to your child’s
learning style!
Get curated packages and pay
only for what your child needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Science the WizKlub way will help your child with retention and deeper conceptual understanding. We teach Science with the help of real-life examples, visually engaging content and a curriculum that’s designed by experts. Our low class strength of just 6 students helps our tutors give your child individual attention to ensure that they can check on their understanding of the lessons and help develop their scientific thinking capabilities. Our interactive learning gives your child all the tools they need to not just grasp science, but to love it! Our curriculum is based on the CBSE syllabus from Grade 4 to Grade 10.
Every week is packed with learning and fun. We conduct 2 live online classes for Science every week.
Science is taught to students upto Grade 10. Each child will have access to Milestone tests, end-of-class quizzes, a video library to reinforce the concepts taught in class and study notes. In addition, children are given personalised homework assignments based on their areas of improvement.
Only the best applicants from across the country are selected to become Wizklub tutors after a thorough screening process & background check. Each Science tutor undergoes rigorous training in our special interactive & application-based curriculum & learning tools.
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