Wiz Python for Kids
Programming with Python for Kids

Create short colourful apps and games using Python and learn computer programming fundamentals.

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Wiz Python for Kids
Wiz Python
What is Wiz Python?

Wiz Python is the most comprehensive and descriptive curriculum designed for kids from age 6 to 14 years. This program focuses on teaching the kids basic fundamentals of programming and to spark the passion for coding with fun along with practical exercises and examples.

Teach yourself to code, fun colourful apps and games and quickly master the problem solving skill in Python. This course is designed so that every kid can understand the programming concepts based on the thinking and logical reasoning ability.

Wiz Python
How Can Wiz Python Help Your Kid?

Learn Programming fundamentals.

Creating fun, playable games and learn basics from scratch.

Draw colourful spirals and shapes.

Master variables, functions and loops for advanced programming skills.

What can you Build using Wiz Python?

Programming Fundamentals

Programming FUndamentals of Python at conceptual levels covering Variables, Functions etc.

Game Development

Learn 2D games development using Wiz Python and master the skills of programming in the most easiest way. Create your best GUI using Python and enhance your coding skills accordingly

Web Development

You can build dynamic websites using existing frameworks like Flask, Django to create backend logic. You can also create frontend of applications using Python.
Program Highlights

Fun way to build future skills from comfort of your home.

Online Live Classes
An expert-led online class of 45 minutes each in a small class size of 5-6 kids.
Projects & Workouts
Daily workouts for mastering 36 skills with upto 10 workouts per skill and projects on the skills learned.
Quizzes and Championships
Competitive quizzes and championships for each grade with weekly and monthly winners.
INR 2499 / Month(s)

Classes - 2 Classes/week

Class Length - 45 Mins

Duration - 2 Months

Class Type - LIVE Classes

Your Kid's Journey on Wiz Python
Installing Python in PC, writing and modifying programs, programming fundamentals and terminologies
1 & 2
Introduction to variables, numbers, operators, string, errors and exceptions
3 & 4
Types of Loops, Adding inputs from user, Spirals, Conditions, Statements, Complex conditions with Python
5 & 6
Fun programs and games development, Functions in Python, Handling Events and programming challenges
7 & 8
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