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Experience the world of programming applied to IoT modules in Simulation

Start creating and designing your IoT model combined of different virtual connected devices like LED, Smart lights, buzzer, keyboards, Coloured LED and many more.

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What is Wiz Simulator?
Wiz Simulator
What is Wiz Simulator?

A simulator is a program or a machine that simulates a real time situation in the simulation environment or it creates a virtual version of it. Consider a car simulator as an example and you can easily get virtual driving experience by driving a car on virtual simulator.

The advantage of using a simulator is that you can reproduce and test the real world conditions on the simulation board and get better understanding and solve the problem immediately. Programming simulator by WizKlub provides easy ways to learn programming for kids.

Wiz Simulator
What does Wiz Simulator Program teach?

Programming for kids can be a bit difficult when it comes to IoT and Machine Learning. With Wiz Simulator we tried to ease this effort by giving the kids an online simulator to create and code by following a few simple steps.

All you need to do is select any logic from the existing topics like variables, functions, texts, maths, loops and get the programming done at backend automatically. Also, select anything from tinkering devices like LED, Traffic lights, Cars, Sensors, etc and solve any real time problem on Wiz Simulator.

What can you Build using Wiz Simulator?

Develop and test IoT devices

Get complete experience of how IoT simulation works on Simulator

Work on various aspects of IoT

Simulate varioud IoT devices and configure according to requirements

Experience learning with effective learning approach

Get instant result of your created IoT simulator model on the result board

Learn using helpful resources

Use various IoT simulator tools and practices available for better understanding
Program Highlights

Fun way to build future skills from comfort of your home.

Online Live Classes
An expert-led online class of 45 minutes each in a small class size of 5-6 kids.
Projects & Workouts
Daily workouts for mastering 36 skills with upto 10 workouts per skill and projects on the skills learned.
Quizzes and Championships
Competitive quizzes and championships for each grade with weekly and monthly winners.
INR 2499 / Month(s)

Classes - 2 Classes/week

Class Length - 45 Mins

Duration - 2 Months

Class Type - LIVE Classes

Your Kid's Journey on Wiz Simulator
We start with getting to know our fundamentals about IoT and programming on various virtual devices
1 & 2
Next, kids move to working with the various virtual devices and understanding about the functionalities
3 & 4
Get to learn about implementing real-time situations and creating their own virtual versions.
5 & 6
Finally build unique problem solving models using programming skills and emphasize on learning and coding with your online simulator
7 & 8
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