Teaching & Assessing Critical Thinking For Kids
HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills)
Strengthen your child's learning efficiency using Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to make them analyze, interpret and solve problems at complex levels.
Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Higher Order Thinking Skills is an advanced form of learning that helps improve critical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving abilities. These are highly developed cognitive skills that transform one’s mind from memory based to application based.


We at WizKlub, bring a unique app-based HOTS program for kids between the ages of 6-14, that lets them master 36 Higher Order Thinking Skills. With engaging activities, drills and quizzes that they can practice and ace at their own pace.

HOTS Program helps in improving your child’s thinking process resulting in improvement in IQ and performance in subjects like Math and Science.

How do we do it?

We do this by techniques that creates difference!

skill-icon Teaching comprehension skills and critical thinking
apply-better-icon Apply Better
  • We start with a level mapping exercise to gauge the current skill level of the child.
  • Then the course begins which consists of Live Sessions with Expert Instructor where concepts are introduced & completely Personalized Puzzles & Work-outs on our App that the children practice on.
  • The work-outs cover the key skill areas of Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Reasoning, Problem Solving & Creativity.
  • In each session, a skill is introduced and there are different personalized workouts provided to the child where she will be applying various instances of the skill learnt. This will ensure the understanding and application of the skill is done effectively before moving on to the next skill.
Our Focus
Grade 1 & 2Junior Batch
Grade 3 to 6Regular Batch
Fun Filled and Action Pack Weeks

Weekday Classes

Weekend Classes

No. of Sessions

2 sessions/week (Mon-Fri)

2 sessions/week (Sat-Sun)

Also Includes

Daily WorkOuts

Daily WorkOuts

Enroll in our Half Month Trial Program and pay only if you find it interesting.
How does it work?
  1. Click here to register for 1st four trial sessions
  2. You can expect session details sent to you within 24 hrs of session start time
  3. Our Relationship Executive stay in contact across your journey to understand your feedback and help you for further continuation of the program.
  4. Session are conducted on weekly/ weekend basis on Google Meet
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