Wiz CAD (Computer Aided Design)
Learn to design 3D designs !

Give your curious little one the opportunity of learning to bring their 3D models concepts to life with a fun learning program.

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Wiz CAD for Kids
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What is Wiz CAD?

Wiz CAD, a program for children to learn Computer Aided Design. Your young tech-wizard can now build 3D models using computer software in the process of product designing. Wiz CAD brings a well thought out set of projects to guide kids with learning fundamentals of working on 3D modeling softwares.

Get to learn about various functionalities, tools and outcomes with fun projects. Simple to use and easy to understand interface software to engage children and get more out of their creativity!

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How Wiz CAD Can Help Your Kid?

Learn about fundamentals of a product designer's journey, from conceptualizing to the final outcome, get to understand each step in-depth. With Wiz CAD your child can get to explore the true potentials of their creativity with a variety of tools and engaging interface. Your child will get to work on the key areas of building a 3D model with the help of computer software.

Young product designers will work on their creative thinking skills as well as their problem solving abilities. Explore concepts of mathematics and technology while working on making distinct product designs. Creativity is limitless !

What you'll learn from Wiz CAD?

Spatial and Creative Thinking Abilities

Get to bring your imagination and visualization concepts to life and create 3D experiences.

Experience and learn designing

Learn about designing tools interfaces along with their functionalities and fundamental knowledge.

Quality and effective model designing

Our experts provide an interactive platform for young designers by challenging their skills.

A load of numerical skills

Get your mathematical knowledge to work with product designing projects putting your numerical skills to work.
Program Highlights

Fun way to build future skills from comfort of your home.

Online Live Classes
An expert-led online class of 45 minutes each in a small class size of 5-6 kids.
Projects & Workouts
Daily workouts for mastering 36 skills with upto 10 workouts per skill and projects on the skills learned.
Quizzes and Championships
Competitive quizzes and championships for each grade with weekly and monthly winners.
INR 2999 / Month(s)

Classes - 2 Classes/week

Class Length - 45 Mins

Duration - 2 Months

Class Type - LIVE Classes

Your Kid's Journey on Wiz CAD
Introduction to Wiz CAD fundamentals, learning about software interface, tools, and functionalities.
1 & 2
Further, get to understand setting up your project concepts and starting with the basics of outlining 2D sketches.
3 & 4
Move towards technical knowledge of product designing on 3D modeling to give shape to your ideas and imaginations.
5 & 6
Ace using images in 3D modeling to create your unique product designs and a variety of more to keep exploring.
7 & 8
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