Programming for Kids and Beginners
WizKlub's Ultimate Coding Program
Programming for Conversational AI(Alexa), Machine Learning and Web Applications. Hands-on experience of learning coding from scratch for kids and students at age 6 -14 years.
WizKlub's Coding Program for Kids

Wizklub coding program offers your kid to improve their programming fundamentals and coding skills in various programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, ML, Robotics, and Web-designing.

Why Coding for Kids?

The best thing about coding is it is just like Sketching. Your drawing defines your imagination and with practice your sketch is the reflection of your efforts and hard work.

Coding is the powerful tool in the 21st century to have a strong command over Software Development. With introduction of Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, programming will be the key aspect of skill set in upcoming decades.

How Our Coding program differ?

WizKlub's Coding Program is different as it does not require any prior knowledge or understanding of any programming skills.

We start our curriculum with Blockly (Block based programming language) where a kid can develop his own custom Alexa skill using Blockly. Learning is always fun when it is your hobby.

What Coding program will offer your Child?

WizKlub's Coding program introduces your kid to core fundamental skills of programming and they learn to develop apps of their own and learn to solve real world problems.


Blockly Coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript Animation using code Create Games Create Puzzles


Learn App Architecture Events UI Controls Develop Mobile App Develop Alexa Skills


Artificial Intelligence basics Machine Learning basics AI driven real world Chat-Bot Text Classification Sentiment Analysis

Coding Programs by WizKlub

Master Fundamental Skills of Programming. Get introduced to the amazing world of Alexa, AI and Machine Learning. Create Mobile apps, Games, build Alexa skills and AI chatbot. The program is designed to transform kids from being passive consumers of Technology to "Creator of Technology".

Wiz Programming Fundamentals
Coding Program
How Programming Fundamentals program will help?
Start your journey by understanding and learning all basic concepts of programming and its fundamentals. Learn about classes, Objects, Data Types, Functions, Constructors and Algorithms.

What you will achieve?
  • Programming Basics.
  • Overview of best programming languages, platforms and environments available.
  • Complete hands-on experience on basic programming languages.
  • Introduction to machine learning, AI and Robotics and how programming plays important part in product development.
Coding Program
How Game Lab Program will help?
This program is designed for kids to build their games. By end of this module, kids will build on coding experience as the program animations, interactive art and games in Game Lab (Using Platform).

What you will achieve?
  • Create smart and fun games.
  • Code - One of the most efficient skill to learn.
  • Create animations and visual effects.
  • Runtime environment for creating and developing games and applications.
  • Android and IOS game development.
Alexa Skill and Chatbot Devlopment
How Wiz Skill Program will help?
Kids will learn to program a mobile app and build ALEXA SKILLS using block based programming that they learned in the first module of programming fundamentals and the process will experience programming for voice.

What you will achieve?
  • Custom Alexa Skill development (Conversational Artificial Intelligence).
  • Learn Google Blockly (Block based Programming).
  • Chatbot Development.
  • Deploying your skill on amazon developer cloud.
  • Learn Programming for voice search.
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
How Wiz ML Program will help?
Machine Learning is about how computers recognize patterns and make decisions without being explicitly programmed. It is the science of getting computers to learn the human way and act like humans, by feeding those data in the form of observations and real world interactions.

What you will achieve?
  • Create your own Machine Learning model.
  • Understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (Iot).
  • Software development for ML model.
  • Designing ML model as per your skillset.
  • Integrating Hardware + Software + Design with ML model.
Coding Program
How Web Design for ML Program will help?
This module is designed to create a Web App for Machine Learning. Ideally this module will be offered after completion of the Machine Learning module, where kids will develop web pages for various machine-learning models like Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Detection, Image Classification and Text Classification.

What you will achieve?
  • Web Design for ML.
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript for designing web pages/
  • Hands-on experience of various Machine Learning models.
  • Experience IoT models with ML.
Coding Program
How Web Design Program will help?
In this module of Web Development, Kids are empowered to create and share the content on their web pages. They begin by thinking about the role of the web, how it is used as a medium for creative expression. After the module, kids will compile their work to create a personal Websit they can Publish and Share.

What you will achieve?
  • Experience Real-Time environment for Code Development by
  • Web Pages Design and Development using programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular etc.
  • Programming fundamentals and Basics
  • Hands-on experience of creating a complete Website Designing
Program Highlights

Fun way to build future skills from comfort of your home.

Choose Duration:

Wizklub's Ultimate Coding Program - 6 Month

sccess-icon 2 classes per week
sccess-icon 45 - 60 Minutes per session
sccess-icon Skill based learning and workouts
sccess-icon Live Projects
sccess-icon Duration 6 months
6 Month
No. of Session
Cost per Session
₹ 308/-
₹ 14800/-
Note: Excluding Wizklub IoT-Robotics hardware base kit and all IoT modules worth ₹ 22,000/-

Wizklub's Ultimate Coding Program - 12 Month

sccess-icon 2 classes per week
sccess-icon 45 - 60 Minutes per session
sccess-icon Skill based learning and workouts
sccess-icon Live Projects
sccess-icon Duration 12 months
12 Month
No. of Session
Cost per Session
₹ 300/-
₹ 28800/-
Note: Excluding Wizklub IoT-Robotics hardware base kit and all IoT modules worth ₹ 22,000/-
6 Months Action Plan

Weekday Classes

Weekend Classes

Mixed Classes


2 sessions/week (Mon-Fri)

2 sessions/week (Sat-Sun)

2 sessions/week (Mon-Sun)


48 Sessions 36 Core Coding Skills 10 Workouts per Skill

6 Months Journey

Introductory Guide to WizKlub's Coding Program

The main goal of this video is to provide a brief understanding of WizKlub's Coding Program and how it will help you understand the basic concepts of Machine Learning, IoT, Conversational Artificial Intelligence.

Watch below video on how your learning experience with us works and much more
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