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Wiz Programming C for Kids
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What is Wiz Programming C?

Wiz Programming C offers your child to learn writing and executing advanced programs. Your child will understand the fundamentals of C Programming. The 2-months program covers various aspects of coding with C Programming breaking down each topic for better understanding for children. Our experts/ instructors make sure that kids get to learn and master advanced skills in an interactive environment.

C programming is one of the basics of programming languages, any young coder must learn and master C Programming skills in order to have a clearer understanding of technical and functional aspects of computers.

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How Wiz Programming C Can Help Your Kid?

Wiz Programming C enables children to work on key aspects of development for a young coder. Learning to write and execute programs helps kids with methodically constructing their knowledge. The program particularly kindles their logical reasoning abilities, problem solving techniques, algorithmic thinking as well as their creative thinking skills. Get to learn a new language in order to understand the basics of technologies around us, and code smart programs. Learn about the skilful process of debugging programs. C Programming language skills will help your child to develop a firm foundation for low-level system programming.

Now get your young coding wizard started with learning a new skill !

What you'll learn from Wiz Programming C?

Introduction to C Programming

Learn about the fundamentals of C Programming language. Learn about various data types and their functions along with the structure of the language.

Gain conceptual knowledge

Children will be able to understand core skills through practice sessions in order to write and execute programs.

Series of fun projects

With every new session, comes a set of fun and connected hands-on experience set of projects for easy and effective learning.
Program Highlights

Fun way to build future skills from comfort of your home.

Online Live Classes
An expert-led online class of 45 minutes each in a small class size of 5-6 kids.
Projects & Workouts
Daily workouts for mastering 36 skills with upto 10 workouts per skill and projects on the skills learned.
Quizzes and Championships
Competitive quizzes and championships for each grade with weekly and monthly winners.
INR 2999 / Month(s)

Classes - 2 Classes/week

Class Length - 45 Mins

Duration - 2 Months

Class Type - LIVE Classes

Your Kid's Journey on Wiz Programming C
Starting with an overview of C Programming fundamentals with various aspects of core skills. Start learning to write your first code with C Programming.
1 & 2
Further, get started with functionalities of operators, switch, conditionals, and strings to create simple programs like a calculator.
3 & 4
Learn about arrays and string in-depth to work on programs using these elements to code programs with large numbers.
5 & 6
Finally, conclude your learning with the introduction of pointers and their functionality; construct codes, and work on engaging projects.
7 & 8
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