Alexa Skill Development for Kids
Learn Programming Amazon Alexa for 6-14 years children

Get your child to experience building his own Conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Alexa Skill using Blockly based WizKlub's Voice Developer Tool.

Alexa Skill Development for Kids
Wiz Skill
What are Alexa Skills?

Let’s consider Amazon Alexa as your digital assistant which can be programmed to build capabilities or functionality called Alexa Skills.

Examples, you can program Alexa about your family facts or friend facts, you can build a quiz skill, you can program Alexa to tell a story.

Build and Train WizBuddy, your first chat bot

Wiz Skill
How Wiz Skill Program Can Help Your Kid?

Coding on Blockly : Learn Alexa Skill using Block based Visual Programming on Wizklub's Voice Developer Tool.

Create Conversational AI : Use simple drag and drop functionality to create your own custom skill.

Build and Deploy : Rapidly build your custom skill and deploy within seconds without having any prior understanding of programming language.

What can you Build using Wiz Skill?

Family Facts

Build Alexa Skill on interesting and unique facts about your family or friends or a topic of your interest. Deploy the skill and enjoy it on Echo Dot, Alexa App or on Echo Show

Story telling

Build an Alexa Skill on story telling using Alexa voice or your own voice or you can use the SSML blokcs and polly voices to build a story telling skill. Share your skill with friends and family and enjoy.

Story telling using audio

It is always fun to program an Alexa Skill to tell a story in your voice, once you record a story with your family or friends, just ask Alexa and she will play the story in your voice.

Build Alexa Skill with Integrated API's

Create Alexa Skills with integrated API's, the skill will get real time information based on the API's, for example, build a skill to check how many people recovered from Corona in you location/area or ask for weather updates or cricket score.

Smart Homes

With smart home skills, the voice interaction model is already built and handled for you, so you simply decide how you want to use your device by adding capabilities in your skill to enable those interactions.
Program Highlights

Fun way to build future skills from comfort of your home.

Online Live Classes
An expert-led online class of 45 minutes each in a small class size of 5-6 kids.
Projects & Workouts
Learn to program Alexa Skills in 15 Languages and deploy it across the world.
Quizzes and Championships
Competitive quizzes and championships for each grade with weekly and monthly winners.
INR 2499 / Month(s)

Classes - 2 Classes/week

Class Length - 45 Mins

Duration - 2 Months

Class Type - LIVE Classes

Your Kid's Journey on Wiz Skill
Kids will start with learning basics about programming on Blockly, Alexa Skills and Machine Learning.
1 & 2
Learn to add basic skills to Alexa and shape the personality of the conversation using voice and emotions.
3 & 4
Get to learn about conditional logic and responses along with adding various utterances
5 & 6
Understand about the architecture of a conversation using Wiz Buddy and more on conversational programming.
7 & 8
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