Build & Code Technology

WizKlub SmartTech Program is a perfect confluence of Programming, Technology and Problem Solving. It offers fun robots, smart devices, accessories and apps where kids get initiated to the fascinating world of building and coding tech products.

Lifelong confidence to create Tech Products
Develops Core Problem Solving Skills

Coding in Robotics, Smart Devices, Alexa & AI

Our program is designed to empower kids to create products using coding skills on latest technologies.

WizBlock - Visual Programming
WizBot - Programmable IoT Robot
WizGear - Programmable Smart Device
Structured Curriculum with Projects
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Block Based Visual Programming

Coding on WizBlock

WizBlock is an easy-to-learn, block-based visual programming environment built on Blockly, which is used by more than 50 million school teachers, learners, and makers around the globe.

Kids as young as 5 years can drag and drop blocks to code technology.

WizBlock is designed for coding on for Robots, Smart Devices, Alexa and AI.

Programable Robot For The Next Generation Kids

WizBot is Fun & Easy

WizBot is a powerful robot, that makes coding a robot simple and fun. What’s more, you can also operate it in Play Mode, with 10 pre-set interesting tasks like a fancy ramp-walk or playing a film personality.

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World of coding Smart Devices, at your doorstep

WizGear - Monthly Subscription

Get a programmable Smart Device every month for your kid to fall in love with technology. Every month your child gets a new product module to code and build. Each module is programmable and can be used as a product after your child is done programming.

Imagine your child’s room filled with Smart Devices like Smart Lighting System, Lie Detector, Intruder Detection System, all coded and built by your own child!

Outcome Based Learning With Monthly Projects

Structured Curriculum

Designed around CSTA (US) guidelines, the curriculum is structured to teach both coding and technology, with challenging tasks and monthly projects. The interest and proficiency in coding technology rises week after week!

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