Wizklub Hour of Code Activities: Games, Programming, and Workshops
WizKlub Hour of Code supports global movement organized by Computer Science Education Week and Code.org to make kids learn programming fundamentals.
Why Hour of Code

Teach them to CODE and put the power of change in their hands. Introduce kids to the exciting world of Coding through WizKlub - Hour of Code Workshop.

Future Skills
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Focusing on Future Skills
By enabling our kids to learn programming, we are helping our next generations to believe in the power of technology and innovation.
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Focusing on Innovation
Hour of Code is the global movement focusing on reaching millions of students and teachers over 180+ countries and taking a brief one hour introduction to computer science and computer programming.
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Focusing on Fundamentals
Students can start by learning from basics and taking step by step learning to prepare his class for one Hour of Code.
What is WizKlub Hour of Code Workshop?

One-hour introduction to computer programming, designed to demystify "coding" and show that every kid can learn coding fundamentals to be a maker, a creator and an innovator.

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During the Hour of Code workshop, kids learn programming on a block-based programming interface called Blockly. Kids will be introduced to one or two coding concepts like sequence and loops. They use the concept learnt to execute a project.
Try our Hour of Code Activities

Select any of the 1 hour workshops on any of the domains including Programming, Gaming or Technology. Make it fun and engaging by doing real-time programming at each module.

Introduce kids to Coding in a fun & interactive way

Expert mentors interacting in real time with a small group of students provide the inspiration kids need in order to overcome the challenges of learning to code.

Visual Block-based Programming

Kids learn to code on Blockly, world’s most popular block-based programming environment by Google. More than 50 million school kids are learning to code on Blocky.

Project-based Curriculum

The program is built on a project-based learning approach where kids actively take up coding challenges and demonstrate what they have learnt on projects like - building an app, designing a game, developing an AI chat-bot and more.

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